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June 26th, 2013 by Alica

Will you attend Automania this weekend? Anyone in good physical shape could walk to Automania from their Brandon home, so parking wouldn’t be a problem for them. The route itself is a mile long, once you get there.

If you live on the edge of Holly, do you think people will come up your street from the back side and park in front of your house?

What do you think of closing one of the main streets in town?

About 50,000 people are expected, and up to 80,000 people are expected. I suppose a lot of that depends on the weather, but the forecast is good for this weekend.

What if you have to go to the grocery store on Friday evening. Will you even try?

Do you suppose there’s a way to figure out how much extra money will come into Brandon because of the event? The city gets a sales tax check every month, so we will see if June’s check is way bigger than usual. It should be, from what organizers are saying about the event. And if it becomes an annual event, maybe the city can use the money it brings in to pay for special projects or something. What do you think?

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13 Responses

  1. Anon Says:

    It is a great event for Brandon. Thanks to everyone who has worked to bring Automania to the town.

  2. Alica Says:

    #1, Thanks for your comment, and thanks for your appreciation for those who did the work. They often go unrewarded.

  3. irritated Says:

    why are all the proceeds going to the fire dept? Rob Thorsen their board president just blows it all on stupid crap anyway.is there no other charity that could wisely use the funds? He’s the reason they’ve lost so many good members in recent years.

  4. j Says:

    i hope this event is amazing for the community!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    how bout publishing a map showing where everything is set up. the website has nothing.

  6. Driver Says:

    I’m sure the visitors to Automania love the wonderful smell of shit from the sewage ponds as they come in on Rice St.

    Great selling point for the community. . .

  7. M Says:

    I for one am pleased this event came to town, no grumps here. It was a nice evening and there were a lot of people who I’m sure all spent at least a few bucks while in town. Quit crying all of you haters, if you don’t like car shows then stay home. easy fix.

  8. guest Says:

    I attended and it seemed like a well run and well attended event. I am sure there were issues that came up but I felt like it was a good family event the only items that jumped out at me were the need for additional porta pottys and trash cans. Glad to see the recycling only cans too.

  9. Fire Fighter Says:

    Very true Rob Thorsen is the reason alot of FF have left and more are going to. He couldnt run a one car parade if he had to.

  10. Alica Says:

    To #9: I’ve been the president of several clubs/organizations over the years. In one, they called me “fearless leader.” In another, they tried to impeach me. I did the best I could in both places. Go figure.

  11. Frank Rizzo Says:

    Some times you have to realize when you cant get the job done and its time to step down. :(

  12. Sgt Wayne Ellingson, BPD Says:

    A thank you to all who attended, a very peaceful, family friendly event with very few issues. I speak for the entire police department when I say we definitely support having this event come to town every year from now on.

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