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April 4th, 2013 by Alica

This is the spring season, and all the local theaters are getting ready to present their spring shows. MCAP is gearing up for “Let Me Hear You Smile,” and the high school is now performing “South Pacific.”

I’ve done school and community theater for 40 years, give or take. It all started in the eighth grade, when the chorus director in junior high asked me if I would sing some music for him for a play he was putting together. I ended up being the grandmother in “Three Pink Leprechauns,” and the drama bug had bit. I auditioned for every play in high school and got parts. Over the years, I’ve performed at most of the area theaters.

It’s great fun, I think. I’ve made many friends and have many war stories to tell about mishaps, mixups and improvised moments.
What is your hobby? What first got you interested in it? What is it about your hobby that you enjoy?

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  1. Not to exciting Says:

    weight lifting, 12 oz cans of coke, and watching NASCAR

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