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July 9th, 2013 by Alica

Did you go to the meeting Tuesday night where the city explained the new road surface polymer that will be used on some Brandon streets this summer instead of the usual tar and rock chips that usually are used?

Will you be on one of the streets that will be treated this year? What do you think of the idea?

I can’t think of anybody who likes those rock chips the city puts down every year, but they are a necessary evil. If there is something better that works just as well but is less messy and comparably priced, why not try it?

Do you feel that way? Why or why not?

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6 Responses

  1. old timer Says:

    This was proposed 5 years ago, but at that time it was higher priced than the conventional chip seal. As prices have come closer together with more competition it is a good process. Sioux Falls has bee using this for 6 or 7 years now and it has proven to be a good product. The only downside is having to stay completely off it until it cures.

  2. @16 Says:

    No more pink chips?! How is this anything but AWESOME?!

  3. Alica Says:

    There still will be pink chips. They just will be mixed in with the binder before it is put on the road. So they won’t be loose like they are with a traditional chip seal.

  4. East Side Res Says:

    Does anyone know if there is an ordinance that determines how many storm sewer drains there needs to be? I live on a street that everytime it rains our street turns into a river, since we get the whole developments water by our house. no storm drains on 4 streets

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