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Park branding

May 15th, 2014 by Alica

What do you think of the Brandon Parks Advisory Committee’s idea of making a logo for parks in Brandon? The idea is to put signage with a parks logo up at all city parks.

Should the city do this? What benefits, if any, do you see from doing this? What drawbacks, if any, do you see from doing this?

The May 14 issue of the Brandon Valley Challenger showed three possible logo ideas. Do you like any of them? If so, which do you like best?

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7 Responses

  1. Alica Says:

    This comment was posted in a different thread, but it is relevant to this thread, so I am reposting it here.
    Alica P. Thiele

    anon Says:
    May 14th, 2014 at 8:10 pm e
    I am not trying to be negative but I am not understanding the branding of the Brandon parks. What is the purpose? Is this a necessary expense? I don’t understand the value-add of this effort and expense.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    This is a big waste of tax payer money they should be focused more on the condition of the parks than on the branding of the parks I see no benefit by doing so. How many other city’s have branded the parks in their city.

  3. jake Says:

    yea, they complain that the city has no money for new parks oreven maintaining the existing ones! yet, we can hire a firm to brand our parks, must have more money is city government than they need.

  4. solo Says:

    If you are at the park do you really need a sign telling you that you are at a park? I would think you should already be aware of that fact. Crazy waste of money and time.

  5. Anonymous1 Says:

    Maybe spend some money on paving the parking areas or getting rid of the crap smell coming from the ponds so we can enjoy our time out in the park!

  6. Anonymous1 Says:


  7. momof5 Says:

    They need to take care of their parks, before they start branding them. Our parks are a joke!! Was down at Aspen for a ball tourney a couple of weeks ago and garbages were overflowing and I heard (because I won’t go in them) that the bathrooms were in horrible shape. Lets spend the money on improving our parks!

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