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School bond

October 23rd, 2013 by Alica

The Brandon Valley school board has set Dec. 3 for $5.95 million school bond vote for a new school for grades five and six. The entire project is estimated at $12 million – they’ll use $6.1 million in capital outlay money.

The board wants to start construction next spring so the school can be ready for students in fall 2015. Taking fifth grade out of the elementaries and sixth grade out of the middle school will free up space in those buildings and relieve the need for a new elementary school in the near future, Brandon Valley officials say.

A study has shown that the best site for the new school would be in the area where Robert Bennis Elementary is.

How do you feel about your property taxes going up to pay for a new school? How do you feel about separating the fifth- and sixth-graders from the other grades? How do you feel about another school in the Robert Bennis area?

And how do you feel about a school bond vote coming right on the heels of Tuesday’s city bond vote for more than $14 million for Aspen Park Improvements? Would you vote for one, the other, neither or both? Why?

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