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Sidewalk on Holly

October 1st, 2013 by Alica

A couple who lives in the Eagle Creek addition on the east side of Brandon have asked the city to build a sidewalk along the south side of Holly Boulevard from the Eagle Creek and Bluffs additions to South Sioux Boulevard, so people who live on the east side can get to “town.”

Do you think this is a good idea? Why or why not?

One snag to the proposal is that the land between Eagle Creek and “town” is privately owned, and the people who own it would have to agree to a sidewalk on their property, and pay for it through assessment.
I wonder. The Bluffs and Eagle Creek abut Big Sioux Recreation Area on their south side. Is there access to the park from those neighborhoods? If so, the bike path winds through Big Sioux Rec and comes out on South Sioux Boulevard, and there is access to the city’s “business district” via paths along Holly Boulevard between Sioux and Splitrock boulevards. That would be the long way around for east-side residents, though, for sure.

What are your thoughts?
While one Brandon neighborhood is battling over a proposed path, another neighborhood is asking for a sidewalk.
Seasson and Peter Vitiello, 1309 Creekside Drive, have asked City leaders to consider a sidewalk along Holly Boulevard from the Eagle Creek community located on Brandon’s west side. “The number of young families in our west-side community has significantly increased,” the Vitiellos wrote in their letter. “Adding a sidewalk along Holly Boulevard will serve to increase safety and allow for us on the west side to explore Brandon businesses and shop locally, thus increasing the connectedness of the entire community.”

The Vitiellos say they have observed people walking, running and biking along Holly Boulevard, prompting them to suggest a sidewalk or some sort of footpath.


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