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Sidewalk on Holly

October 1st, 2013 by Alica

A couple who lives in the Eagle Creek addition on the east side of Brandon have asked the city to build a sidewalk along the south side of Holly Boulevard from the Eagle Creek and Bluffs additions to South Sioux Boulevard, so people who live on the east side can get to “town.”

Do you think this is a good idea? Why or why not?

One snag to the proposal is that the land between Eagle Creek and “town” is privately owned, and the people who own it would have to agree to a sidewalk on their property, and pay for it through assessment.
I wonder. The Bluffs and Eagle Creek abut Big Sioux Recreation Area on their south side. Is there access to the park from those neighborhoods? If so, the bike path winds through Big Sioux Rec and comes out on South Sioux Boulevard, and there is access to the city’s “business district” via paths along Holly Boulevard between Sioux and Splitrock boulevards. That would be the long way around for east-side residents, though, for sure.

What are your thoughts?
While one Brandon neighborhood is battling over a proposed path, another neighborhood is asking for a sidewalk.
Seasson and Peter Vitiello, 1309 Creekside Drive, have asked City leaders to consider a sidewalk along Holly Boulevard from the Eagle Creek community located on Brandon’s west side. “The number of young families in our west-side community has significantly increased,” the Vitiellos wrote in their letter. “Adding a sidewalk along Holly Boulevard will serve to increase safety and allow for us on the west side to explore Brandon businesses and shop locally, thus increasing the connectedness of the entire community.”

The Vitiellos say they have observed people walking, running and biking along Holly Boulevard, prompting them to suggest a sidewalk or some sort of footpath.


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24 Responses

  1. Anonymous Says:

    A sidewalk in a 45 mph zone? Sounds like a dangerous idea to me.

    Why is it that people move “out of the city” and then expect someone to figure out how to get them to the city?

    It seems they knew when they moved there that there was no sidewalk.

    Wouldn’t it cost a fortune for miles of sidewalk?

    I seriously doubt the farmers who own the land would be in favor of it.

    Ridiculous really.

  2. Mous Says:

    Maybe finish the sidewalk around the curve at Sioux and Redwood. Everyone has to walk, run, jog and bike in the street on a blind corner on a hill with a crosswalk at the bottom of the hill with no signs, lights etc. Is it going to take a child or person getting hit because they have to leave the safety of the sidewalk and run in the street until the sidewalk begins again?
    And NO I don’t think it is a good idea for a sidewalk on Holly Blvd, thats a long way for kids to walk so man up and take your kids to school or put them on the bus. I have lived here about 10 years now and I seldom see ANYONE walking out there.

  3. Alica Says:

    To #2: Just to confirm. Which corner are you talking about? The northeast corner of the intersection?


  4. Mous Says:

    Where N. Sioux Blvd meets E.Redwood Blvd in front of a Day Care as well, right on the curve. The sidewalk ends as it goes east up the hill on Redwood forcing everyone to travel into the street.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    No one “has” travel that way. Its a choice. You choose to walk, run, bike where there is no sidewalk. The sidewalks along Sioux and Switch Grass will get you anywhere you “have” to go.

  6. guest Says:

    Wouldn’t the business or whatever get built on the corner of Sioux and Redwood need to put the sidewalk in and I do not believe it is required until the land is developed.

  7. Mous Says:

    #5 that sidewalk ends at Redwood, in the middle of no where. It is a common loop of the city that I see several people jog, walk, bike etc and yes it is a choice like taking your kids to school or putting them on the bus but a more common route that needs to be fixed rather than W. Holly Blvd.

  8. @16 Says:

    @5. That is such a dumb mindset. You must work for the City.

    One side walk “will get you where you ‘have’ to go”….what? A whole segment of side walk is missing! Not to mention, around a dangerous corner.

    A lot of things are not needed. If it was your way, Brandon would probably be all gravel roads too right..?

  9. @16 Says:

    But, in regards…A sidewalk…really? If that’s the case, why stop there.

    We need sidewalks from the neighborhood by the golf course into Brandon.

    What they should do, is just go the bike path route. They wanted to do it anyways. Seems like the SAME PROJECT!!!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Wow! Seems like the entitlement generation is on the board. Developed land = sidewalk Undeveloped land = no sidewalk unless included in a major reconstruction like Aspen Blvd.

  11. Mous Says:

    #10 I am not sure how much more Sioux and Redwood could get developed. The empty field to the south of the day care has sidewalk, the field to the east….not so much. I don’t really understand it? Maybe Alica can find out why?

  12. Frank Rizzo Says:

    You know why there is no sidewalk its because Gene Johnson owns the property and the city still kisses his a$$ after all these years. Even after all the water problems he has left the city (storm run off and curb and gutter)

  13. Mous Says:

    Can we find out who owns the land east of the daycare on Redwood and why there is no sidewalk there? Alica?

  14. Ryan Gruber Says:

    I can’t believe we’re even talking about a sidewalk from Eagle Creek and The Bluffs. I’d hope they would consider doing something east of the golf course first.
    Seems much more feasible considering Brandon is clearly developing that way!

  15. Ryan Gruber Says:

    Btw…no one should be allowed to post anonymously in a discussion forum! It stays much more civil when you can’t “hide”. You don’t see people wearing brown paper bags voicing there opinion at a council meeting.

  16. Mous Says:

    There area in question on Redwood is already developed but there is a large section of sidewalk missing? It’s not always about the people on the golf course either.

  17. Alica Says:

    To #13: According to assistant city administrator Dennis Olson, there is no sidewalk there because that section of land isn’t developed yet. Gene Johnson owns that piece of land.

  18. Ryan Gruber Says:

    @#16…To MOUS(?)please elaborate on your comment. I’m picking up a little bit of attitude. Btw I live east of Brandon NOT on the golf course. I guess I should have also stated it’s not always about the people west of the golf course. What other part of Brandon can’t be reached via a side walk? I’m fairly certain there’s a large chunk of taxes coming from this end as well.

  19. Mous Says:

    Alica, the section to the south is the same open field that connects to the east? The section to the south has a sidewalk?

  20. TL Says:

    The section to the south was completed so that the kids from Stone Ridge had a safe way to get to school. This was a combination of the city and Gene Johnson. It didnt have to be done but it was done because the city and Gene saw a need for it.

  21. Pete Vitz Says:

    Whether a sidewalk or bike path there should be some plans to extend connectivity between the west side developments and Brandon/Big Sioux. There has been tremendous housing growth in these developments over the past six years and I moved to this area because these plans were on considered by the city then and am anxious to be more integrated with the larger Brandon community. There are a lot of important needs in our town but want to assure everyone that this one is based on community connectivity and not anything else.

  22. Jeremy Morgan Says:

    Agree that Brandon has a lot to do to connect many areas of the “town”. I have lived over by Robert Bennis and now live in Eagle Creek. The bike path along Sioux is great but should be expanded to all parts of town and meet somewhere in the middle, ie the Middle or High School and/or Aspen Park. The City of Brandon has not done well to stay up on developing the amenities to make the town attractive to new families. Run down ball fields, outdated pool, missing sidewalks, old playground equipment, and a lack of trails. And don’t forget Eagle Creek/Bluffs is a part of Brandon and people who live there pay taxes like everyone else that live in the central part of the town. And put your name in your posts, that’s just chicken you-know-what.

  23. Pete Vitiello Says:

    Regardless of opinion - this link to this recent tragedy is why a discussion needs to be entertained.

  24. Pete Vitiello Says:


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