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February 25th, 2014 by Alica

Brandon Police are adding Tasers to their duty belts. (See story in the Feb. 26 Brandon Valley Challenger.) There doesn’t appear to be problems in Brandon that require Tasers, but Brandon Police Chief Dave Kull said he made the proposal as a preventive measure because Sioux Falls police officers were injured while trying to get a suspect there into custody.

Apparently, Sioux Falls police don’t use Tasers.

Kull said the Tasers probably will replace the pepper spray Brandon Police now carry.

Do you think Tasers are a good idea for Brandon Police?

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18 Responses

  1. Anon Says:

    It is a great idea. One more tool in the arsenal against the bad guys.

  2. Finally Says:

    I’m so excited!

  3. seriously Says:

    1. Brandon doesn’t appear to need tasers,
    2. A (one, uno, single)suspect injured cops,
    3. Replaces (effective) pepper spray

    another example of Brandon police on steroids. Once they start using them (for entertainment no less) look forward to lawsuits. Brandon apparently has a very wealthy tax base.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    so seriously what facts do you base your post on? do you have any clue what the BPD have had happen to them? and what do you have against making sure our guys have all the tools for keeping the people of brandon safe?? i bet you are one of the little pot smoking dip shits that cause problems and have been arrested by the PD!!

  5. Driver Says:

    @4 Based your your vulgar response, I question your view on “tools”.
    Even with the poor example you gave, if #3 was a “pot smoking dip shit”, how would adding tasers help…anything….?
    If you wanted to use an example, I would suggest a belligerent drunk stumbling out of the bar at 8:30.

    I’m curious on the cost/effectiveness with adding this new “tool”. This cost more than pepper..? What’s the cost for training/maintenance?

    The #1 question I had when reading the headline; how often have they used pepper spray to say “wow, we need something better. This isn’t cutting it”
    My guess, a handful, if ever.

    If this adds a level of safety to the workers (in the case, police), then thumbs up.

    A new toy isn’t always the best solution/fix.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    #5 so i guess my question to you is at your job does your employer give you all the tools you need to do your job effectivley? i know at mine they do and i do not use all of them every day even though they cost money and most of it i needed training on. i really dont see any differance herei say give them all the tools they need to do the job no matter the cost. never know someday you may be saved by one of these guys.

  7. Anonymous1 Says:

    I bet you have life insurance…planning on using it? So in a mechanics tool box do they only have 3 tools not knowing what job they may have to perform next?

  8. Rustled Jimmiez Says:

    “The #1 question I had when reading the headline; how often have they used pepper spray to say “wow, we need something better. This isn’t cutting it”
    My guess, a handful, if ever.”

    Except in police work, when you need something more, RIGHT NOW, is a bad time to learn it. It is better to be preemptive to these sorts of things.

    And I’m sure the Police would love to have all the new shiny toys that come out every year, but they don’t get them. If I understand it correctly, the taser’s fit within the budget of the department.

    The mechanic example is more like, “I have a wrench, but dang a socket would work better.”

    Eh, I guess if the Police would like a new tool, and the city approves it, that’s good enough for me.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    all i am saying is this. say some day that would take down a subject and the situation is over fast and no one was hurt good outcome right?? ok well say they did not have them and they used the spreay and it did not work then they had to use their gun when if they did have the taser it would have ended without a loss of life. what way would you like to see it go down?

  10. Anonymous1 Says:

    they carry guns don’t they Rustled, do they ever use those, maybe they should just put those away for safe keeping and patrol with smiley face stickers and lolipops?

  11. Anon Says:

    With all of the things the zoning board SHOULD be working on, they choose to stifle growth of new housing by dealing with a minor deck issue? Sad.

  12. Rustled Jimmiez Says:

    To #10,

    Not sure where you are getting that from, I was commenting to someone else earlier in the blog.

  13. solo Says:

    Wouldn’t it just be easier to NOT allow the new lots to be so small?

  14. Anonymous Says:

    “Trying to preserve our green space”??? There won’t be any green space this summer with the new water rates. Might as well have a deck in the setback rather than burned up grass!

  15. Mitch Says:

    #14 Get used to seeing burned up grass in Brandon.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    How happy is everyone with their new water bill? What an awesome job our council does. Vote the incumbents out!

  17. ANON Says:

    Let me start of by saying that you all sound like a bunch of children. I am 22 years old, in college, and good friends with a police office in the Brandon Police Department. This town is FILLED with money, look at the new police vehicles (by new i mean within a year or two old). You all are talking about their guns, police will forever have guns, dont think pepper spray works? Why not take some in the face and tell me how it feels? Tasers? Yeah i do believe they have their place in law enforcement, but NOT in the town of Brandon! My friend who works in the police department has never fired his gun in the field, in-fact hardly ever comes out of holster! Now they have AR’s? Me being a gun advocate I understand the cost of an AR and they arnt cheap! Besides the fact that they may be pulled out of the trunk maybe 2 times a year to clean them. So i ask why wouldn’t they add another pointless item to their belt!

  18. guest Says:

    I see this blog is not very well monitored but I was hoping to get a new topic about the terrible smells coming from the sewer. I understand that there will be some smell but it has been brutal this spring. It can be smelled out past the golf course. There has to be something better than this. Or is this a ploy by our lovely city government to justify the huge increases in costs they hit us with this winter. Now they can say see we need all this work the system is all of a sudden overloaded we had no idea until right now.

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